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Digital marketing strategies that deliver measurable results

Digital marketing is a crucial asset for an online brand to grow its influence in the markets. Businesses harness power of the web to boost their online traffic, increase the visibility of their website across search engines, and engage customers for enhanced conversions.

They need a unique branding idea and an unfailing online marketing strategy that propels into success under a strong digital presence. 

At Goognu, we are a professional team of digital marketers with expertise in creating winning strategies for your business. We can help design campaigns that drive proven results. Our advanced marketing techniques will create in-depth brand awareness and improve conversions through increased website traffic.

Advantages of Digital Marketing for Your Business

Since digital marketing is the lifeline of an online business, we harness its strength for achieving your business targets. Every business is different. So, there's no cookie-cutter approach to meeting your marketing goals. So, we customize and adapt. This brings advantages like:

Stay in Touch with Customers

When you want to increase your client base, the best avenue to explore is the internet. Promote your business in this sphere with our custom online marketing plans.

Find the Right Leads

Digital marketing comes with a suite of tracking and analytical tools for your business. Using our advanced analytics, you can identify the right leads and design strategies to convert them as well.

Omni-Channel Outreach

Cover as many digital platforms as you want with Goognu’s customized digital marketing campaigns. Your target customers might be available at various touchpoints. We will make your business accessible at every such point with an omnichannel outreach.

Our Full Suite of Digital Marketing Services

Get found and get noticed when people are already looking for a business like yours. With adaptive, transparent, and collaborative strategies, we offer digital marketing services that make this happen. Our services include:

Social Media Marketing

Goognu has always been on the cutting edge of social media platforms where you can identify and engage potential customers. We create competitive strategies that expand your brand awareness across the channels. Based on your existing social media profile, we review, recommend, and transform your campaigns for success.

Media Planning

Performance-based digital media planning goes a long way in delivering the best results with optimum cost-effectiveness. At Goognu, we offer services that help to research personas, choose the right markets, create relevant content, and shoot creative digital ads that pull your target groups instantly. It creates favorable customer experiences, as well.

B2B Content Marketing

Shareable content that engages your target customers can make you the thought leader in the industry. Goognu’s creative team offers targeted marketing messages that not only engage the targets but also increase website traffic and lead to higher conversions. We create valuable content, including blogs, whitepapers, email newsletters, and landing pages.

Search Engine Optimization

A cohesive SEO strategy is what you need for improved rankings on Search Engine Results Page SERP. We use proven and ethical strategies that increase website traffic and leads for your business. Our integrated search engine optimization SEO services include keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, reputation management, and reporting & analytics.

Marketing Automation

Automate and customize your digital marketing tools using our advanced automation tools. We ensure steady workflows for seamless lead generation and lead management. Our experts will create the marketing automation ecosystem of your business to reach multiple channels through backend/frontend development, CRM integration, and inbound marketing.

Email Marketing

With strategic email content, you can nurture and build strong relationships with potential customers. It relies on automated workflows and monitoring of the campaigns. At Goognu, we strive to deliver the best ROI for your email marketing with audience building, customer retention tactics, trigger-based campaign creation, reporting, and analytics.

Affiliate Marketing

When you want your business to get visibility at the right platforms for better lead generation, you can rely on our affiliate marketing expertise. We combine proven marketing techniques with the latest technology for driving business success. It is a form of digital advertising that boosts your business and drives online revenues.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Our experts are certified to create a robust pay per click PPC marketing campaign for your business. From Google ads to Facebook ads and programmatic displays, we create everything that takes your online business to the next level. Our fine-tuned process utilizes smart themes, analytics, and reporting methods for delivering the desired results.

Digital Analytics

At Goognu, we gather, measure, and analyze digital data for gaining deeper insights into your web and mobile assets. It helps to decipher user behaviors on your mobile apps, website, and mobile website. By deploying accurate digital intelligence and analytics, we craft an effective strategy that leads to faster customer acquisition.

Which Digital Marketing Services Are Right For Your Business?

Though every service has its unique role in a buyer’s journey, we recommend a comprehensive approach that ties multiple services for a unified goal. The best service mix depends on the factors like your marketing goals, budget, products or services, and potential audience.

For example, SEO and social networking strategies work throughout the campaign while content marketing strategy, PPC, affiliate marketing, and email marketing strategies are best for the phases of intent creation, evaluation, and sale.

Goognu’s Competitive Edge in Digital Marketing

With our experience and insightful knowledge, we optimize your digital marketing campaigns for conversions. The main reason behind our competitive edge is that we put your business to the forefront and create transparent strategies that work.

  • From weekly communications to monthly reports and reviews, we design every campaign for productive marketing efforts.  
  • We drive expected results in the form of better rankings, higher sales, and more followers.
  • Our designated account manager will work closely with your in-house marketing teams to create perfect campaigns.
  • Get optimized marketing costs because we track and monitor campaigns to make amends as necessary.
  • We focus on transparency, whether it is the pricing or results-driven after each campaign.
  • Achieve measurable results that turn your website into a lead generation tool.

Partner with Goognu for your digital marketing needs and take your business to the next level. Call us today to find out more.

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