Our founder and director stand as a beacon serving visionary leadership and a strategic framework for the company. As Founder, he possesses a remarkable ability to inspire and lead, guiding our team with passion and purpose. With strong aspiration and zeal to grow, he supports the company towards innovation, fostering a culture of collaboration, and maintaining the overall discipline management of the company atmosphere.

Ashutosh Taiwal
Founder & Director

Our Dedicated chief recruiter has a wealth of experience in talent acquisition and a keen eye for identifying top-tier professionals for organizations. She is highly aware of advanced methodologies assuring that every recruitment effort aligns with visions of business.

Gagandeep Kaur
Chief Recruiter

HR manager takes up the responsibility of nurturing an exciting atmosphere in the workplace. She promotes smooth alignment with all company employees, framing policies, and managing talent retention.

Neha Dheeman
HR Manager

Our accounts manager is highly considered a major aspect of maintaining precise management of accounts and finance. He is known for his meticulous skills in maintaining financial integrity and stability throughout the organization. He is responsible for all financial operations assuring compliance, accuracy, and transparency.

Arun Yadav
Admin & Accounts Manager

Our Senior DevOps manager is appreciated for being the backbone of the development and operations team ensuring that all software solutions are seamlessly deployed and delivered to clients. Expert in DevOps principles he works on bringing a productive touch to technical processes, striving for continuous improvement.

Kranti Veer
Sr. DevOps Manager

Our DevOps stands at the forefront of technological infrastructure managing complexities, evolutions, and finest solution. His expertise and role bring out reliable solutions by bridging the gap between operations and Development.

Madan Gopal
DevOps Manager

Our Digital marketing manager plays an important role in managing strategies and enhancing brand visibility and engagement across diverse channels. With a keen understanding of competition and market trends, he drives impactful strategies and manages the whole digital marketing team contributing to the overall growth of the Company.

Sahil Ahuja
Digital Marketing Manager

As a business development manager, he drives strategic partnerships with his extensive network and sharp business instincts. Not just a strategist, but taking over responsibility related to planning, valuable opportunities, and tailored solutions to clients is handled by him. Overall, he played an imperative role in fostering a loyal bond with clients and driving revenue growth.

Aamir Aftab
Business Development Manager

Our senior developer is highly praised for heading up all technical innovations and excellence in software development. Holding a strong grasp of coding and programming, he leaves mentoring junior developers to meet the evolving needs of our potential clients.

Saket Rana
Sr. Developer
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