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Goognu is the renowned VAPT testing company in India with a team of VAPT professionals dedicated to providing the highest level of service to our customers. Our VAPT services provide a comprehensive and tailored approach to security testing, allowing us to identify vulnerabilities and provide solutions specific to your business.
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What is VAPT?
VAPT is the backbone of our commitment to securing your digital assets which involves systematically identifying vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks or applications. It combines assessment of potential vulnerabilities with proactive efforts to exploit them, and provides insights to enhance overall digital security.
Why is VAPT testing important?
VAPT testing is extremely important for organizations aiming to achieve compliance with regulations such as GDPR, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS. It helps in identifying vulnerabilities, ensuring robust security measures and keeping pace with regulatory mandates, thus protecting sensitive data and maintaining trust among stakeholders.
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VAPT Services
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Web Application VAPT

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Mobile Application VAPT

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Network VAPT

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Server VAPT

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Cloud VAPT

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Switches & Routers VAPT

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Firewall, IDS & IPS VAPT

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IoT Devices VAPT

Why do you need VAPT?
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Why do you need VAPT?
VAPT is a vital requirement in today's digital age to ensure the robustness of your cyber security posture. It systematically identifies vulnerabilities within your systems, networks and applications that malicious actors can exploit.
By exposing these vulnerabilities, VAPT empowers you to address them before they are used for cyber attacks. Furthermore, regulatory compliance and stakeholder trust is upheld, as the VAPT demonstrates your commitment to cyber security best practices.
VAPT Methodology
We take a holistic approach to conducting VAPT audits. The customer benefits from an in-depth analysis of the current security situation and recommendations to reduce the risk of currently identified vulnerabilities.
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Define scope

Before app evaluation, Goognu establishes an accurate customer circle. Promoting open communication with the client organization at this point creates a foundation of ease and understanding for the evaluation. This ensures alignment and effective evaluation of the application's requirements and goals.

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Information Gathering

Our engineers gather as much information on targets as possible using myriad OSINT tools and techniques. The information collected will help us understand the working conditions of the Association, which in turn will help us to accurately assess the risk faced by the Association.

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At this stage, we integrate computerized materials and tools among the various strategies in further developed data collection. Our experts closely inspect any potential invasion carrier. The data collected from this stage will be the basis of exploitation in the upcoming stage.

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Invasion and Entry

Here, we start security scans - manual and automated - to uncover attack paths and vulnerabilities. Application exploits are then executed to assess security, employing various methods, open-source scripts and in-house tools for thorough penetration, prioritizing application and data security.


In the closing phase, analysts collect all the data and give a complete report to the client. This comprehensive document includes a top-level vulnerability analysis, with an emphasis on application strengths and weaknesses for a complete understanding of the findings.

Discussion and Resolution

Upon completion, we'll review the report, address bugs, and discuss solutions. The comprehensive talks that will follow will focus on plugging the gaps. Implementation of changes and complete vulnerability resolution will be ensured, resulting in a detailed, advanced security status report.

Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Posture with our Comprehensive VAPT Services
Increase your cyber resilience through our comprehensive VAPT solutions. Our services provide robust protection against threats. Thoroughly scrutinizing your systems, networks, and applications, we expose exploitable vulnerabilities, providing insights for fortification. Controlled penetration testing gauges real-world attack resilience, bolstering preparedness. Partner with us to safeguard data, showcase commitment to cybersecurity, and proactively embrace best practices.
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Frequently Asked Questions
You must have some doubts regarding VAPT, so to clear your doubts below are the collection of questions and answers which are commonly asked by the clients regarding VAPT.

VAPT is important to avoid cyber threats. By exposing vulnerabilities before malicious actors can exploit them, it protects sensitive data, user privacy, and business operations while maintaining the reliability of your website.

VAPT begins with a comprehensive assessment of your website's architecture, code, and network. Vulnerability scans identify weak points, and penetration tests simulate real-world attacks to assess defenses. The process culminates in a detailed report detailing the identified vulnerabilities, potential impacts and actionable recommendations.

The frequency varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the website and industry standards. To ensure that new vulnerabilities are rapidly identified and mitigated, regular assessments (quarterly, semi-annually or annually) in line with emerging threats are recommended.

Automated tools play a role in the initial scan, but VAPT experts provide nuanced insights. They have the expertise to identify complex vulnerabilities and simulate sophisticated attacks, offering tailored solutions that effectively strengthen your website's security posture.

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