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Managing IT infrastructure that scales with your business

An agile business needs an efficient IT infrastructure. New technology trends like cloud computing, mobile, analytics, and IoT are the evolving imperatives to the companies. They help to create innovative business models with optimized processes. Since IT infrastructure plays a vital role in your digital journey, Goognu provides comprehensive and integrated managed infrastructure services to our clients.

When you need your hybrid IT infrastructure to be simplified with a pay as you need and modular service, you can rely on us. We have advanced automation and analytics tools to manage the critical infrastructure components.

Challenges You Face in Managing Your IT infrastructure Components

When you want to focus on business growth, delegating resources to the management of IT infrastructure can be complicated and time-consuming. But these aren't all. There are many more challenges for IT infrastructure services companies.

Adapting to Changing Business Needs

Implementation, integration, and management of IT infrastructure services have to align with the changing IT needs of your organization. We customize and streamline the processes using agile systems and operational intelligence.

Monitoring and Auditing the Systems

To minimize the downtime in your IT systems, it is essential to audit and monitor data, systems, information, and applications to remove potential security threats. It requires dedicated security teams that understand and implement the latest security patches for your infrastructure. We can provide complete backup and disaster recovery plans to protect your organization from any data loss or extended IT downtimes.

Integration and Implementation of Automated Systems

Testing the flow of information and sensitive data for automation can be complex, expensive, and tedious for your IT teams. We offer customized automation tools that can scale with your business from the outset of digital transformation.

Following the Standard Practices and Policies

Along with regular auditing checks and monitoring, it is crucial to follow the standards and policies pre-designed for IT management. At Goognu, we not only align IT infrastructures to your business goals but also optimize your assets in complete compliance with the standard practices and policies.

Our IT Infrastructure Management Process

As a leading IT managed service provider, we understand the specific needs of your IT systems and provide the support you need. Our process includes these steps:


If you want to ensure positive customer experience, a smooth transition is imperative. Our transition methods involve a comprehensive process of auditing, creating support documents, conducting a security vulnerability assessment, and familiarization.


At Goognu, we design the platforms and location-agnostic for your IT infrastructure. It adds modular flexibility when you can choose services instantly from a catalog comprising various service levels and options. Also, we create infrastructure visibility by preventing glitches that can impede the process.

Build and Deploy

From automation to the deployment of IT provision at your workplace, we manage the entire process with precision. It includes rapid innovation platforms to launch the latest manages solutions efficiently.


Whether your IT infrastructure needs single view management, advanced automation, or optimized performances, we do it all. We can manage multiple platforms and applications, as well. Our 24X7 infrastructure support system helps to resolve issues, and automation enables predictable outcomes.


The infrastructure management security services from Goognu help to secure the integration of infrastructure systems and cross-platform management. We will always meet your security needs with health audits, password integration, and audit trails. 

Our Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Goognu delivers exceptional managed IT infrastructure services by focusing on challenges faced by your systems. We resolve these challenges and provide optimum management of your assets and time. Our suite of services in this domain includes:

Remote System Management

The operational productivity of your hybrid IT systems can directly affect the efficiency and revenues of your business. So, we help to improve the same with the power of IT automation using a remote monitoring platform. It allows your teams to focus their attention on other core areas of business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect your workplace from costly downtimes and security threats leading to data loss with our disaster recovery systems. We provide complete backup, restore, and recovery features with our managed IT infrastructure plans. Your business will recover quickly with increased reliability with our integrated solutions.

Preventive Maintenance

A customized and outsourced computing infrastructure support system is more reliable, flexible, and scalable. Our experienced specialists work with your IT teams to understand your needs, evaluate the existing systems, and make plans for issues that may arise later.

Reporting and Data Audits

We offer comprehensive reports on the health and availability of your servers at regular intervals. Our data security audits facilitate a smooth flow of information for building better design of your managed IT infrastructure platforms.

Cloud Migration

Any aspect of your IT systems can be easily transitioned to the cloud servers using our agile processes and cloud management skills. We will manage your native applications and operating systems on a private cloud server. Also, we offer hosting services for your IT infrastructure assets.

Goognu’s Competitive Edge in Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Using our state-of-the-art systems, we ensure well-managed and secure workplaces for our clients. Our stringent policies and procedures comply with the best standards, and we diligently protect the confidentiality of your data. The factors that give us a strong competitive advantage in managed security services India are:

  • We keep the security of your databases and systems at the top with our advanced information security management system
  • Get modernized applications in containerized data centers for reduced operational costs
  • We provide global delivery modules for our remote customers. Also, our solutions are flexible and customizable to your changing business needs.
  • Attention to the quality standards and consistency of our managed IT infrastructure
  • Industry-leading SLAs that will assure a 100% network uptime through phone or email-based service requests
  • An unrivaled way for better visibility and transparency through a self-service portal
  • Standard 24/7 support services whether you need an offsite model or onsite services

At Goognu, we’ll do the hard work of managing and improving your IT systems, so you can focus on strategic operations that demand your constant attention. 

To know more about our managed IT infrastructure services, reach us today!

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