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Effective text message archival solution on all devices and for every environment

Business information and mobile communication, in particular, via calls, voicemail, and text messages, is a significant part of operations for various industries, which is archived for legal issues. Your business organization needs an effective and easily-manageable mobile archiving, retention, and management solution to address the regulatory requirements of your environment.

Goognu’s Text Message Archiver works by automatically indexing the captured text messages directly from the mobile carriers on any device, be it enterprise-issued or BYOD, and securely retaining them for compliance purposes and information management.

Secure your valuable electronic communication with our flexible deployment options and get a feasible message retention service with excellent recordkeeping for a quick review and on-demand search to meet your unique business needs.

Archiving Text Messages with a Messaging-And-Archival-Solution

Businesses can achieve Instant Messaging archiving compliance with our mobile communication retention solutions in any environment, device, carrier, or ownership model, and on any combination of OS and plan. At Goognu, our experts work with competitive deployment systems to offer you customizable solutions for all enterprise configurations.

Android Archiver

For enterprise applications, business data analysis, or legal compliance, your one-stop solution would be to rely on the Android messages archive app that runs on your devices in the background. To archive the text messages and calls on Android devices, the service directly captures all the electronic communications by using the native chat app and phone-dialer and sends them to the cloud server.

Enterprise Number Archiver

When your organization allocates enterprise devices to the employees with a 2nd virtual number associated with their iPhone apps, you can archive iPhone messages with Enterprise Number Archiver that gives you complete control over your business communication.

Whether it is an iOS and Android smartphone, this solution similar to consumer messaging or calling apps helps in archiving and recording only the work-related SMS, MMS, voice calls, key transactions, and modifications, while keeping the personal data and communication private.

WhatsApp Archiver

WhatsApp Archiver works on the similar and purposely-built namesake data model, and the application works seamlessly in the background of your device and copies all text and voice communication, including multimedia, files and attachments, and forwards a copy to the server.

WhatsApp enterprise archive can be used to retain the law-mandated business records where your employees use the popular instant messaging platform as a communication channel to exchange work-related messages on either a personal or company-issued device.

Network Archiver

Businesses partner with the leading mobile network operators for the direct capture and automatic enterprise SMS call archives on the user device. Message and call capturing are done at the network level by the mobile carrier for enterprise-owned phones, but not on the BYOD devices, and sent to the archive server.

You can achieve full user administration, pre-integration on all email archive platforms, reduced costs, and enhanced productivity with Goognu’s advanced tracking, reporting, and retrieval of messages on SaaS and on-premises on smartphones and legacy devices.

Our Messaging-And-Archival-Solution Process

At Goognu, our experts provide your organization with streamlined solutions in improving business information management, which comply with the federal, state, and industry laws and regulations.

Fully-Compliant Strategy

Goognu’s mobile archiving tool retains your digital information, including SMS, MMS, voice calls, and instant messaging and keeps your organization in line with the governing regulations and industry compliance laws, and storing them for an SMS carrier retention period of about seven years.

Complete Privacy for Personal Messages

Goognu ensures that your employees’ personal communications on the employee-owned or BYOD devices remain private. At the same time, our solutions protect the intellectual property, corporate assets, and client contacts, and capturing the exchanged business information with a separate text archive app used to access the virtual number.

Security Audits and Reporting

A successful security audit strategy depends on the audit trails and reporting logs that effectively record the key activities, automatic indexing of messages during ingestion, system access threading and attachments, and all text message archiving of modifications or transactions.

Goognu’s report creation tools allow for tracking of usage trends and searching message metadata like time sent, delivery reports, read receipts, and message expiration status by offering the system back-end view for compliance, security, legal, and forensic requirements.

E-Discovery and Social Media Monitoring

Text messages are collected, stored, and reported by identifying the context, with strict supervision over the social media accounts to help monitor and prevent inappropriate behavior and preserve social media activities and websites in chronological versions to export data and compare different versions.

Our easily accessible and defensible archiving format allows companies to curb data loss and comply with mandatory text message archiving laws from relevant regulatory bodies and help establish meaningful internal mobile compliance policies.

Information Governance and Enterprise Collaboration

Our improved data governance solutions help you store the mobile business communications across your entire organization and reduce the costs of streamlined information management and legal discovery, and achieve enhanced text message control in the workplace.

Archive Android messages or iOS text communication and gain valuable data insight by monitoring enterprise collaboration content from diverse platforms like Workplace, Chatter, and Yammer.

Get the Goognu Edge

Experience our full range of services and capture the text messages directly from the carrier network partners in an automated API-driven text message retention.

24/7 Support and Supervision

Get 24/7 remote monitoring of your performance data and proactive response from our technical support team for any problem you may encounter.

Secure Solution

Giving top priority to data security and strict adherence to regulated industries, Goognu offers flexibility in controlling and monitoring your critical information on our secure platforms that facilitate rapid integration.

Flexible Storage

Protect your sensitive data with our customizable solution with various access levels that can be deployed as SaaS archival platforms or a variety of on-premise, customer-hosted, MDM/EMM enterprise systems.

Custom Fit

Customize various aspects of your business data archiving process and access your enterprise information on a single interface across all your devices, attributed to each employee’s name and email address.

Capturing Method Integration

Use our versatile, modular design solution by adding the mobile archiving functionality to our email archiving platform to auto archive texts within a short period.

MMS and SMS Archival

Business communication archival, including SMS and MMS capturing capabilities, can archive your messages down to the components and metadata, such as the time the message was initially sent.

External Archiver

Forward the collected mobile data to your existing archive or send it to our fully-compliant and integrated, Connected Archive.

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