Product Engineering Services

With our revolutionary product engineering solutions, you can achieve optimum performance at an affordable cost.

Today’s competitive software market environment requires companies to lower their time-to-market and cost-to-market, but not forsaking best quality outcomes.

Product engineering helps companies innovate, design, develop, test, and deploy a software product which helps organizations to convert an idea into a viable product.

With our revolutionary product engineering solutions, you can achieve optimum performance at an affordable cost.

Our team of experienced engineers will help you with your product development life cycle, either by providing support at a single stage or take ownership of the end to end process.

How We Do It Differently


Industry Challenges

Goognu’s Way

Difficulty in making quick decisions across the product engineering value chain


Best industry talent with expertise in high-level decision-making is quick in evaluating conditions and making decisions

Inability to gather complete information and cost implications during the decision making process

A standard decision-making process keeping in line with industry best practices

The continuous evolution of the market means constant changes in requirements

Quickly respond to change

Volatile requirements lead to compromised quality, infrastructure issues, inability to manage integration, and unstable design


A dedicated team that respond to the ever-changing and volatile requirements with knowledge of the latest industry developments

Delay in delivery due to challenges of dealing with multiple tasks simultaneously

Ability to multi-task in the ever-evolving marketplace

Difficulty managing multiple vendors

Create partnerships with key suppliers to foster trust and mutual respect


Prowess In Embedded Software And Hardware Design


Our application services include application development such as C/C++, Python, Java, and many more; user interface development, and third-party application integration.

Application Framework

The application framework includes features such as security, database system, connectivity, display and graphics, and multimedia framework.

Firmware And Middleware

The firmware and middleware include components like multimedia subsystems (camera, audio, and media player), database management, process management, stack development, connectivity (WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC, GPC), sensor management, display subsystem, and BSP development.

Power Management

The power management services include network stack, network device driver, virtual file systems, files system drivers, block device drivers, character drivers, camera, display, WiFi, audio, Bluetooth, etc.

Memory Management

Goognu’s memory management component of product engineering services include memory allocation (single and multiple partitions), fragmentation (external and internal), paging, and segmentation.

Hardware Expertise

Our hardware engineers are experts in multi-core, multi-processor, small form-factor, Flexi-rigid and flexible PCBs, reference platform design, low power and wearable design, and high speed and HDI PCB design.

Why Goognu?

Goognu’s ever-evolving product engineering methodology evaluates product engineering from every angle and combines the fundamental essentials to success – imagination, experience, skill, and knowledge.

Our Product Engineering Process

Product Lifecycle

  • Product Ideation – This is the first stage of the product lifecycle. Here is where our innovative leaders display their creativity and innovation. We aim to provide ideas that are fresh and unique. This gives an edge over competitors using redundant concepts.
  • Product Architecture – Once a concept is in place, the team will work on the design of the product. The design will convert the idea into a workable product. The product architecture will include the functions and features of the product. It will also look at the requirements such as resources, budget, and time to build the product.
  • Prototype – Once the resources and functions are planned, a prototype is built. A prototype helps the engineering team and the customer understand what the product will look like, how it works, and how well it meets the requirements.
  • User Experience– The team also makes sure that the user experience of the product is dynamic and high-quality. Users should be able to navigate the product and its various features with ease.
  • Product Testing And Validation – Testing is a vital part of the product lifecycle. At this stage, the product is tested to find if there are any bugs or errors in its functioning. Product testing and validation aim to make the product fail. So, our teams will find even the smallest of bugs and fix them to ensure a seamless experience.
  • Product Deployment – Once the product is tested and validated, the product is deployed. It involves moving the final product to the customer’s IT domain, train the users, and provide assistance until the process is complete.
  • Product Support – After the product is deployed, the users may experience issues while using it. Our round-the-clock technical support teams will provide all the support required to ensure that you have a superior product experience.
  • Product Sustenance – Our relationship does not end when the product is deployed. We also provide continued support and sustenance services to make sure that the product does not become redundant with technical advancement.

Goognu’s Product Engineering Solutions Will

  • Cut down the total cost of ownership
  • Cut down the time-to-market delay
  • Give adaptability on multiple platforms such as SAAS mobile computing, and cloud computing

We, at Goognu use technical expertise, quick turnaround, and a consumer-centric culture to build user experiences (instead of just products) that surpasses your expectations.

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