Quality Engineering Services

Your QA can now be equipped with strategies of success in this ever-transforming digital era.

The rapid pace that disruptive technologies are following should not be the cause for quality being compromised. Goognu’s core testing services (both web testing and mobile testing) allows you to deliver the best quality at lightning speed.

Our comprehensive quality testing services allow you to carry out automated or manual regulatory testing, compliance testing, security testing, load &performance testing, and accessibility testing. The Goognu team will provide you with quality assurance services across the product lifecycle, right from test consultation to end-of-life testing support. The focus is to provide the best quality products and operational excellence that accelerate your business outcomes.

We understand that lowering the speed-to-market and cost-to-market is at the top of your company’s agenda. Our quality engineering services ensure that they allow you to lower both these parameters while delivering the highest quality products. Your focus should be scaling your business, and our focus is to make sure your quality is not compromised.

The Challenge In Quality Engineering

  • Evolving DevOps and Agile initiatives demand in a constant shift in strategies
  • Rapidly increasing access to new technologies and devices
  • Need to integrate new technologies to existing systems
  • Seamless interaction between development and testing required
  • Quicker testing, review, and feedback mechanism needed
  • Increased dependence on automated testing tools rather than manual ones
  • Optimizing test outcomes to meet budget constraints
  • Tests oriented towards continuous evolving and scaling business activities

Our Multi-Industry Quality Support

Our multi-disciplinary teams have worked across industries helping them deliver high-performance mechanical, structural, and aerospace products. Here is our industry-based expertise.


The aerospace industry involves highly engineered structures that serve dynamic loads. Our experts from multiple fields of engineering assist in ETL testing and will help reduce the product development cycles through the collaboration of their diverse backgrounds.


Defense vehicles need high-quality performance in extreme conditions. Goognu’s specialists will collect load data from such severe environments and using big data & analytics testing tools to drive the design of the vehicles.                                                                                                            


Nothing should compromise the quality of your theme-based VR gaming experiences. Goognu helps you deliver the best of thrills with its AB testing and OTT testing so that your website experiences zero downtime.

Our Quality Engineering Segments

The four segments of our quality engineering services are aimed at enhancing customer experience, supporting digital transformation, adhere to compliance growth, and accelerate speed-to-market.

Digital Assurance

  • Omni Channel
  • UI testing
  • RPA led testing
  • Usability testing
  • Web Services Testing

Digital Engineering

  • DevOps/Agile
  • API/Micro services
  • Unit testing
  • Non-functional test engineering
  • Code quality
  • Service virtualization
  • Data migration and quality

Core Testing

  • Product-specific and mobile application testing
  • JMeter load testing
  • Website load testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Integrated testing
  • Managed testing
  • Test data management

NXT Gen Testing/Testing4.0

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning-driven testing
  • Intelligent test automated solutions
  • Blockchain, Big data, and cloud testing
  • Internet of things testing and wearables

Our Approach To Quality Engineering

Our “definition to delivery” approach helps you deliver top-notch products that are designed to enhance user experience and optimize your costs. The critical steps in this approach are:

Defining The Problem

Our highly experienced engineers will first assess the current quality engineering methodologies in your company and define the problem areas.

Requirement Gathering

Once the problem has been defined, Goognu’s team will understand your quality engineering goals. These goals are translated into requirements.

Strategy And Design

Once requirements are understood, our design team will design a phased implementation strategy. This strategy is based on the blueprint currently used by industry experts. They will develop your organization’s QU maturity and effectiveness roadmap.

Verification And Review

The strategy is verified with your QA teams, and any concerns are addressed. To optimize your website’s performance, then we may run a website load test or website performance test. The test results are reviewed, and adjustments made accordingly.


Once the sample is tested, verified, and approved, the final suite of testing tools are delivered to you. This may include the AWS device farm, which allows you to develop your tests or use the built-in tests.

Our Test Automated Solutions

As your organization scales the test automation maturity curve, Goognu assists you right from the strategy formulation stage to the complete deployment of automated testing tools. Our testing connoisseurs will provide the following assistance:

Test Automation Consulting

We assess, strategize, plan, and design automated testing tools based on your business goals. These designs take into account industry best practices and your company’s vision.

Build Framework For Web & Mobile

Our testing consulting teams provide solutions for web and mobile applications and products. With our one-stop-testing-solution services, you can be assured that both web and mobile-based applications are in-sync and real-time.

Build Framework For Web Services

Our integrated open-source platforms help with quick automated testing of your web services such as AWS.

Monitoring & Reporting

A comprehensive dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of all test metrics across multiple projects.

Our Automated Test Accelerators

Goognu’s test accelerators help reduce manual testing efforts, thus ensuring speed-to-market and cost-to-market efficiencies. Some of the test accelerator features include:

  • Behavioral Driven Development (BDD) Automation approach helps in strong collaboration across SDLC members
  • Script-less automation tool built for in-line and day-1 automation solutions
  • Smart solution to mine & optimize test cases using natural language processing (NLP) algorithms
  • Single platform for Digital QE solutions based on BDD principles and integration with external cloud services.
  • How to prevent defects early? SDETs collaborate with developers, product management team and business stakeholders and perform testing activities, Continuous Integration, and Regression tests
  • Test early using service virtualization

Goognu is your go-to service provider when it comes to quality engineering services. Our top-notch engineers from varied backgrounds can cater to your organizations needs regardless of the industry, product, requirement, or deadline. Our strength lies in our multi-disciplinary team that is focused in helping you achieve your business objectives. With quality taken care of, you can focus more keenly towards scaling your business.

Why Goognu?

  • Easy deployment with low risk
  • Latest methodology expertise
  • Automated testing in your QA environment
  • Omnichannel
  • Could scalability
  • Advanced reporting and monitoring

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