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Leverage Goognu’s experience in enterprise software development and build a strong foundation for your business.

Large enterprises with employees under various departments and clients in multiple locations have a pressing need for effective solutions in collaboration, workflow management, and real-time data exchange. They require experts in multiple technologies and domains to develop enterprise solutions, streamline the workflow, and increase efficiency.

Every business is unique in operations and the way entrepreneurs handle their challenges. What they have in common is their need to bring people, systems, data, and processes onboard on to the same platform. Only the best software development company can assist your business in clearing all the operational hurdles and reaching new heights.

At Goognu, we offer Enterprise Application Development and small business software development services to meet all your business requirements. Our end-to-end services include consulting, ERP, CRM, requirement analysis, quality assurance, maintenance, and others.

Application Development Services

Goognu is a software outsourcing company, which offers enterprise and software development services including, but not limited to:

Business Intelligence

Analyzing the users’ perspectives becomes easier with our business solutions where we consolidate Big Data from heterogeneous systems. Our Python software development team provides end-to-end Business Intelligence services in consulting and implementation and help you gain meaningful insights into customer behavior. Our BI services for eCommerce provide solutions in real-time payment processing, trend analysis, marketing communication, PPC optimization, and consumer loyalty.

Application Integration and Outsourcing

As expert SharePoint Developers and PHP programmers, our goal is to upgrade your existing IT infrastructure while making seamless integration possible without making multiple changes in the data structures. Our multi-disciplinary technical experts provide a lengthy software company services list consisting of JavaScript, Database development, PHP Client-Side Markup / Scripting - DHTML, XHTML, CSS, and more.

Custom Software Development

Goognu is a boutique provider offering a variety of sophisticated automation solutions for legacy systems and custom software for Embedded software development. We design and build software applications across diverse domains to elegantly transform your business processes and slash down the operational costs. With interdepartmental collaboration, planning, and reporting, we improve employees’ efficiency.

Agile Software Development Services

Enterprise mobility has phenomenally gained a strong foothold in the way businesses operate. Portability is now an indispensable part of every organization’s profit strategy. Seamless mobility onto different platforms is the need for the day, which Goognu can help you achieve with our iOS, Windows, and Android app development software.

Web Development and CRM

When the off-the-shelf website themes or customer relationship management solutions may not serve your business’ specific purpose, Goognu is the software development company to go to. Our highly talented team works towards developing bespoke software CRM and web solutions that fully meet your business objectives.

Content Management

Our holistic approach of Enterprise Content Management services helps your organization to reach your target demographic with your business content. We effectively manage, preserve, and deliver content to the right people using the most efficient communication channels. As a web designing and Java development company, we offer website services in creating custom themes. We also offer Drupal solutions to reduce your costs and maximize ROIs.

Mobile App Development Software Services

A responsive, mobile-optimized solution is the mantra of profitable companies. With a dynamically changing technological world, users do not restrict themselves to a spot. The advent of mobile devices and smart homes have typically raised the bar for user engagement. With this in mind, Goognu offers Android app development and iOS app development software services, allowing you to make an impact on your clients on the move.

Software Development Outsourcing: Goognu’s Value-Driven Approach

Goognu is an offshore software development company that believes in catering to each client’s individual needs, which is what you, as a business owner, would want for your customers. So, we follow a unique approach for our custom software development services:

Business Analysis

In the first step of our software outsourcing strategy, we understand the business requirements of our clients, where our team collaborates with you and gains invaluable insights into your business operations. Armed with this deep understanding and thorough business analysis, we generate feasible ideas and kick-off with actionable project goals.

Adjustment Strategies

When you start looking for software development companies near me, do not just research any service provider. Look for a firm that can seamlessly handle change management depending on your business requirements. At Goognu, we practice the data-driven plans and those that have the scope of absorbing stakeholders’ and users’ feedback.

Risk Mitigation

Top software development companies specialize in risk mitigation and risk management by continuously identifying and assessing your project. Our developers document the project during all the phases to analyze the potential risk factors. We have the best contingency plans prepared beforehand; in case the risk incidents are triggered. This way, we ensure that the risk is minimized as we keep ourselves abreast of all developments and continuously update our strategies.

Communication Management

We pay close attention to the project communication workflow to enable smooth-sailing and productive collaboration. As a successful offshore software development company, we understand the value of transparency in communication and ensure success with timely voice and video conferencing. We provide regular reports on your project status and conduct extensive health checks on your systems.

Goognu is a custom software development company that builds frontline software solutions to unlock innovation and allows enterprises to make a positive impact in the digital world. To learn more about our low-risk approach in achieving digital transformation, contact us today.

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