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Create, Share, Collaborate, and engage with our omnichannel experience that improves your brand value.

A customer’s digital experience across different channels and devices sets the tone of your engagement with them. Goognu’s web content management services can be the one-stop solution for all your content management needs. Our comprehensive digital content management system allows you to focus on core business activities and leave the rest to us.

Our teams understand that information is dynamic, and your website needs to keep up. So, they will ensure that your strategies are relevant and your messages on-target. This allows you to adapt and sustain in the ever-evolving marketplace.

Our multi-user, web-based interface allows anyone you authorize to view, contribute, and edit content before it is published. The flexible system provides multi-people and multi-location access.

Advantages Of Using An Online Content Management System

Everyone in your organization may have something to contribute to your website content. By using our web content management tools capabilities, you can allow multiple contributions. Here are some of the advantages that Goognu offers:

  • Collaboration – Due to its multi-user interface, anyone can view, edit, and contribute content. We recognize the need to have multiple levels of inputs and have designed the CMS to be collaborative so that the content created is versatile.
  • Don’t Need Any Technical Knowledge – Another benefit of Goognu’s CMS is that even people no technical knowledge can handle content. This means you don’t miss valuable inputs from non-technical team members.
  • Less Reliance On Front-End Engineers – The best content management system allows you to create, edit, and publish new content without depending too much on front-end engineers. The non-technical nature of Goognu’s CMS makes it easy to use.

How To Pick The Right CMS?

With many CMS companies cropping up, it may be hard to decide which one to pick. Here’s how you can make that decision.

  • Set a budget
  • Decide what the CMS will handle? Updating prices, posting videos and blogs, or uploading images?
  • Can the CMS be integrated with your company’s existing technologies such as CRM or ERP?
  • The ease of adding, editing, and uploading
  • Define the number of user groups
  • Make sure the CMS platform is SEO friendly
  • The bigger, the better. A large CMS providers will come with a large community of developers and online help.

These tips will help you pick the best content management system that fits your company’s requirements and business model.

Goognu’s Competence

The digital experience specialists at Goognu can optimize your current CMS and/or build a new CMS so that your company remains competitive. Our competence includes:

  • Consulting & Strategizing – Together, we can create strategies that consider both costs and brand perceptions and are aligned with your business objectives.
  • Implementation – Our implementation techniques ensure optimized cost of ownership, minimum risk, and scalability. This includes providing Cloudbase CMS services
  • Customization – Our expert teams provide custom-built modules, themes, widgets, and more for your CMS
  • Integration – Our multi-lingual top CMS platforms are designed to integrate with your existing systems seamlessly
  • Migration – We assist in migrating your existing PHP CMS open-source with a quick turnaround
  • Upgrading And Maintaining – Your business will need to upgrade with the market requirements, and Goognu’s CMS will match the pace of upgrade. We also provide 24*8 support.

Open-source WCMS Consultation

If your business already uses an open-source WCMS or is planning to use one, our open-source specialty team can assist you with the development of your website on the current system or help migrate to Goognu’s top CMS platforms.

An open-source content management system like Drupal, our teams can assist in development, migration, upgrade, and team augmentation. Drupal offers top-notch performance and scalability, and our engineers will provide their wealth of expertise to create an unforgettable user experience.

The design team will ensure stunning viewing experiences across devices. They do this by understanding your business requirements and designing the user experience accordingly.

A Typical CMS Plan Comprises Of

  • Project Planning – The project planning spec allows you to display the objective of the project, the timelines, the expectations, and the status of the project.
  • Meeting Notes – Allows for live discussion among team members so that they can make suggestions and contributions. It also allows for scheduling task, resource sharing, and feedback.
  • Product Requirements – This platform allows you to gather your team’s thoughts on what they expect out of the product or service or company. It gives you an insight into customer’s expectations.
  • Marketing Plan – Outlines the marketing strategy, define the objectives, set deadlines, and highlight key outcomes.
  • Blog Post/Article/Video – This is the outcome of the project. It could be a blog post, an article, a video, or any other form of content that the project was about.

Key Features Of Goognu’s CMS

  • User-friendly dashboard for admins to add and edit content with ease
  • Ease of adding new pages (based on page-limit in the contract)
  • Fast find and edit options
  • Spelling checker and grammar corrections to make your content accurate
  • Access to past versions of an edited page
  • Preview pages/content before you publish
  • Safe and secure system with a defined number of users
  • Assign permissions and access to specific pages/content based on roles
  • Option to edit and rearrange menu options with simple drag-and-drop
  • Edit content through the drag-and-drop feature
  • Moderate comments to keep website user-friendly
  • Insights on customer engagement, website traffic, and effectiveness of marketing strategy on the dashboard

Creating phenomenal customer experiences is at the top of the mind of every business. We at Goognu help you achieve that with our CMS expertise and experience. We offer CMS solutions and services across businesses (big or small) and industries.

The ability to collaborate online to contribute, edit, share, and create content allows you to save time and focus on critical business issues. Goognu provides custom-made packages that match your needs with the option of scalability. With the business landscape ever-evolving, you need a partner that can match the pace and stay relevant. Goognu can match your business growth pace.

Why Goognu?

  • Keep content fresh
  • Update product prices
  • Manage photo galleries-
  • Post blogs and online journals
  • Update the latest news about your company

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