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AP2V Academy

About AP2V

Technology is at the heart of AP2V. AP2V is a renowned IT training and consulting firm based in Gurgaon and Noida, providing learning workshops on open-source platforms and technologies.

They offer more than 50 courses and global certifications in its three NCR locations. These courses include AWS, AI, Big Data, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Red Hat, Linux, Machine Learning, Robotics, Python, Kubernetes, and more.

The company delivers a variety of courses that enhance skill enhancement and help students stay competitive in the technology marketplace. The institutes are equipped with experienced and qualified faculties, setting the trend in on-demand IT courses for individuals and businesses alike.

The Challenges

As a growing IT training provider, AP2V needed a way to bring its increasing content courses in different locations under one umbrella.

AP2V had two location-specific websites: ap2vnoida.training and ap2vgurgaon.training. Potential students searching for courses in a specific location need to be taken to location-specific pages. However, it was also essential to remain relevant in the market and beat competitors with an SEO optimized framework.

Hence, AP2V approached Goognu to create a website with a single framework and multiple sub-website features. The idea was to host all the information in one place while supporting numerous URLs. This would allow AP2V to create many websites based on their locations and help stay competitive for that location.

The directive was to design an SEO-friendly website. It should use dynamic SEO techniques to tap users searching for specific requirements in a given location. Goognu’s challenge was to deliver a comprehensive website without compromising on its speed and bringing the Google Page Speed to green.

The Solutions

  • Goognu used Python to design a single framework that could host multiple sub-websites. Python is highly productive and offers end-to-end automation of the application. Python is an easy to read language making the process simple and uncomplicated.
  • Designed a user-friendly website with SEO compatibility to tap users that are searching for AP2V’s services. The website design focuses on ease of navigation and user workflows.
  • Optimized rendering of the web content by improving the efficiency of all metrics for page performance. As a result, we were able to bring the Google page speed of AP2V to green. This enabled the smooth rendering of the website and content like videos, tests, etc.
  • Facilitated seamless migration to AWS cloud infrastructure with 24/7 technical support to minimize downtime.
  • Used AWS Auto Scaling to enable automatic adjustments to capacity while maintaining performance and minimizing cost.
  • Used Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) to automate many time-consuming administrative tasks, optimize performance, and reduce costs.
  • The single framework ensures the educational tests remain the same in different locations.
  • Used a versatile design to allow for the display of all the information. An SEO compatible design helped AP2V to tap students searching for courses in a specified location.

The Results

Goognu designed and developed this product to make a single framework location-specific SEO friendly website. AP2V can now host content from different locations in one place. As a result, Goognu facilitated the use of standard metadata to help AP2V to tap students searching for their courses.

Seamless migration to the new framework ensured zero downtime and uninterrupted services for the existing and new users. AP2V can now use  metadata and descriptions for its sub-websites. And the educational tests also remain the same in different locations.

By optimizing all the page performance metrics, Goognu brought their Google page speed to green. This played a crucial role in the smooth rendering of the AP2V's websites. Now, users visiting the AP2V pages have a better browsing experience since the site, videos, tests, etc. load effortlessly.

Project Info :
Client :
AP2V Academy
Category :
Web Development
Date :
Sep 2020
Website :
Location :
Gurugram, Haryana

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