Dalmia Cement manufactures a range of cement variants to meet different construction needs across India. The business had an on-premise infrastructure that faced scalability and security challenges. Goognu built a mobility application with a VPN network. This allows partners and dealers to connect and place orders with Dalmia Cement through a mobile application. Goognu helped them migrate to the Amazon Web Services Cloud infrastructure without any data loss.

The Client

Founded in 1939, Dalmia Cement is a pioneer cement manufacturing company in India.  It has a manufacturing capacity of 27 million tonnes per annum from 13 plants spread across nine states and a customer base that spans 22 states. The Dalmia Group is a leader in every aspect. It takes pride in continuously incorporating new technologies to broaden the horizons of the business. At the same time, its holistic approach contributes to its innovation and growth in niche markets.

The Goal

Dalmia Cements had an on-premise infrastructure for the end-to-end supply chain management. All customers and big dealers placed their orders on this mobile application. With an increase in the number of transactions and operations, there was a need to scale up the infrastructure without compromising data security.

The company needed an AWS expert who could build and deploy a mobility application for dealers and partners. The application would enable new customers to place orders while supporting big dealers to track their purchase orders in real-time. Dalmia Group wanted to leverage AWS’s global presence and extensive services to augment its growing infrastructure needs and decrease the IT footprint.

The challenge was to migrate all 15 projects of Dalmia Cements from on-premise infrastructure to the AWS infrastructure. Goognu had to ensure zero data loss and breach of security during the migration. The application should support branch office connectivity for quick resolution of issues. The service deployment had to be highly available. And system deployment will happen only after due quality assurance.


  • Designed and deployed a cloud-based mobility application to support dealers and partners.
  • Successfully migrated all 15 projected of the Dalmia Group from on-premise infrastructure to the AWS cloud-based infrastructure without any data loss. This ensured the data integrity remained intact and secure.
  • Ensured high availability deployment of the application services to minimize the downtime and achieve resilience.
  • Implemented AWS branch office connectivity to support scalability, track, and resolve issues quickly.
  • Established a network VPN to enable centralized monitoring and operations on the AWS infrastructure from Delhi and Noida offices.

Key Features

  • Delivered scalability to optimize the use of resources and reduce costs based on the workloads.
  • Leveraged AWS services to deliver consistent user experience and reduce any latency time.
  • Built a robust app that uses encrypted IP tunnels and IPSec technology for data security and integrity after migration.
  • Implemented quality assurance before deployment for a smooth and flawless transition to the AWS platform.
  • Increased enterprise efficiency, productivity, and innovation by using a mobility application.
  • Decreased the IT footprint of Dalmia Cements by moving their services to the cloud. This eliminated the need to maintain extensive onsite infrastructure.
  • Achieved high resilience using a combination of AWS Direct Connect and IPSec tunnels. This ensures high connectivity and utilization of the full network bandwidth.
  • Maintained the privacy of sensitive and confidential information during migration using network segmentation.

Technical Excellence

  • Seamless migration from the existing on-premise infrastructure to a global AWS cloud-based infrastructure.
  • Built a mobility application to enable dealers and partners to place orders using mobile devices from anywhere. Mobility applications use enhanced UX and intuitive user interface to deliver an unparalleled user experience.
  • Cloud technology provides flexibility to upgrade, scale capacities, and enhance bandwidth based on workload and business needs.
  • Quality Assurance testing ensured there was no data loss during and after migration.
  • Optimized connectivity between branch offices using Amazon Web Services. This helps to boost productivity, accelerate deployment, and extend network connectivity as needed.
  • Leverage Amazon Virtual Private Cloud to securely connect several remote networks to the AWS cloud using routers, gateways, and firewalls.
  • Increased network uptime and lowered application latency using high availability deployment.

Use of AWS Services

  • Used Amazon Web Services to optimize VPN-based network connectivity to branch offices in Noida and Delhi. This makes it easy to trace issues and monitor operations across the business.
  • Used encrypted IPSec tunnels to ensure data security of sensitive client data during migration.
  • Established a dedicated network connection from the business premises to the AWS cloud infrastructure used AWS Direct Connect.  This allows the business to use public resources like Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2 instances within an Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).  A network separation between the public and private cloud environment ensures security while delivering scalability through cloud services like EC2 and S3.

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