GetMyUni (GMU), in collaboration with CollegeDekho, is a premier institution, globally renowned for its modern technology, advanced research facilities and innovative teaching methods. To ensure that GMU's technology infrastructure lives up to its prestigious reputation, Goognu, a specialized cloud and DevOps consultancy service, was engaged to optimize and enhance its IT ecosystem.


The Issues:

Prior to Goognu's involvement, GMU faced several challenges that hindered its operational efficiency:

  • Infrastructure limitations: GMU's reliance on DigitalOcean limited scalability and hindered performance.
  • Development constraints: Short staging setup and resource allocation hinder rapid development cycles.
  • Operational inefficiencies: Manual backup processes created risk, and the absence of cost optimization strategies led to unnecessary expenses.
  • Technical constraints: The Rsyslog issue and the need for ELK setup demanded immediate attention.


The Solutions Implemented:

  • Migration from DigitalOcean to AWS: Goognu planned a seamless migration of GMU's servers from DigitalOcean to AWS. This change ensured increased scalability, reliability and expanded functionality in line with the needs of GMU's evolving technological infrastructure.
  • E-LMS Staging Setup: A strong staging environment was set up for the e-learning management system (e-LMS), ensuring a controlled space for testing and validation prior to deployment, thereby increasing system stability and performance.
  • Automated Backup of AWS Services: Critical to data security and continuity, Goognu successfully deployed automated backup mechanisms for GMU on AWS, ensuring data resiliency and mitigating potential risks.
  • Operating Cost Optimization: To ensure optimal resource utilization, we continuously control the infrastructure, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising performance, which is a recurring effort in line with GMU's growing needs.
  • Troubleshooting New-LMS Rsyslog Issue: Addressing and resolving issues within the New-LMS Rsyslog system promoted system stability, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.
  • Work on MBA College Site: The successful completion of works related to the MBA College site underlined our commitment to deliver results across various projects within the GMU ecosystem.
  • Migration ImginXp website to PrepBytes AWS account: The seamless migration of the ImginXp website to PrepBytes' AWS account was executed flawlessly, ensuring continuity and stability of services.
  • Script Automation for EKS Server: The development and implementation of scripts that automate resource release on EKS servers increased resource management and efficiency.
  • Day-to-day tasks for multiple platforms: Goognu's continued support and active engagement in day-to-day operations on platforms such as CollegeDekho, GetMyUni, PrepBytes, MBACollege and ImagineXP underlines its extensive involvement in GMU's ecosystem.
  • ELK Setup: The ongoing implementation of the ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana) setup promises advanced data analysis and visualization capabilities, further strengthening GMU's technical arsenal.

The Benefits:

  • Increased Scalability: The transition to AWS boosted the scalability and flexibility of GMU's infrastructure.
  • Better development cycles: A powerful staging environment accelerates the development and deployment processes.
  • Streamlined operations: Automating backups and resource releases reduces manual effort and increases security.
  • Cost Rationalization: Continuous optimisation techniques have resulted in lower operational expenses.
  • Technical Stability: Resolution of technical issues ensures uninterrupted services to GMU.
  • Expanded Online Presence: Successful completion of web development projects enhanced GMU's digital footprint.


After implementation, concrete improvements were observed in GMU:

  • Increased server performance and scalability, leading to enhanced user experience.
  • Streamlined development and deployment cycles result in accelerated time-to-market for new features.
  • Reduced operating costs due to optimized resource usage and automated backups.
  • Enhance technical stability and reliability while ensuring uninterrupted services to GMU and associated institutions.


In summary, Goognu's strategic partnership and ongoing support in the AWS migration has significantly enhanced George Mason University's technological capabilities, paving the way for continued excellence in education and digital innovation.

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