What Resonance is doing may seem a bit mystic, as they have evolved a new stepping stone for e-learning, where AIEEE/JEE/NEET aspirants get direct access to online study material.

Early in January 2020, Resonance had started to work on an information-driven system to reshape the idea of education. With its rattling efforts and sincere attempts, they built a cost-effective digital learning platform to create an astounding e-learning experience for its students. Having successfully designed an accelerated digital learning application named Resosir, they are widely helping their students through AWS- cloud computing resources that integrate classes, assessments, and recording lectures in a very systematic manner. By making use of newer AWS services, the app is envisioned to create world-class learning material accessible to the thousands of Resonance's students.


About Resonance Eduventures

Resonance Eduventures Ltd is one of a specialized education and career development platform that has been on the market for over 19 years. The institutes offer tutoring for competitive examination, from IIT-JEE & Medical to Commerce & Law. Over the last decade, Resonance has produced inspiring results in JEE Advanced and similar success has been seen in NEET and other exams. Their continuous improvements have accomplished their student academic growth and developed high-potential talent. Through Amazon web services, the Resonance’s is encouraging open and flexible digital learning.


The Challenge

Learning shouldn’t stop!

Powered by Resonance, Resosir is an amazing app that has improved key requisites of learning which in turn turned into a noble learning experience for students across the world. Especially for all the IIT-JEE and NEET aspirants. This India-based online learning app is now helping students to fuel their career growth. The approach combines the best interactive classes, exceptionally good faculties, guided study material, practice tests, and any time doubt forum which makes learning seamless.

At the same time, the mobile app’s fast rate of growth and spike in the number of students/users created multiple server issues. Therefore, the Resonance required a more powerful and scalable solution than its current cloud platform. The solution that strongly delivers comprehensive and input and output support to handle 40000 concurrent students and balance future traffic.

The other challenge was to set up an extensive feature to create engaging viewing experience, and combining multiple files/documents into a single PDF file such that users can easily view everything on Resosir. Besides this, to find a solution that securely transfers or delivers data, educational content on-demand and handles weak workloads elastically in a very short period of time. Apparently, Resonance wasn’t able to keep track of that growth on the current cloud platform.


Why Amazon Web Services?

Scaling Up quickly has now become easier with EC2 Auto scaling & RDS Aurora

Resonance has been nurturing talent and creating champions over the last decade. They chose AWS cloud platform for hosting its mobile learning app. The scalable cloud environment is allowing its business upgrowth and so on.

With Amazon EC2 auto scaling and Amazon Aurora, Resosir is easily managing all aspects of the cloud during a student’s test. It is very ingenuous to conduct tests for 10,000 concurrent students at once with this cloud-based service. It makes it easy for accelerating email sends, open rates with high performance, and point-in-time recovery. This has led Resonance on its way to becoming India’s best interactive e-learning platform.

In selecting a highly reliable Amazon Elastic compute cloud auto scale service, the Resosir app managed to keep up on demand. The digital learning platform is now handling more than 50 K users and thousands of concurrent students spontaneously. Moving data with AWS EC2 instances is integrated as it automatically scales in and out when demand increases. Furthermore, it’s easier to get started with AWS EC2, available at the lowest possible cost.

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is making convenient for Resonance by offering cost-effective solutions with great security and compatibility they need. Due to this, they are easily able to handle and control the memory area for data transfer of students. Presently, up to 40,000 GB data including big files have been handled with the support of Amazon ElastiCache. This helped them to set up an easy, fast, and secure way of transferring large files and stores presentation and other educational content on Amazon ElastiCache.

In a nutshell, the AWS is strongly supporting the e-learning platform to deliver real-time analysis, hoarding, feedback, and assessment of students. The services are extraordinarily well. Now, the app is able to keep pace with that growth which wasn’t possible earlier.


The Benefits

 “We are no longer scrambling to scale, AWS is helping us grow faster and smoother.”

Running on AWS instances, this exoteric learning app offers highly engaging, qualitative, and effective education programs for diversified students. Resosir is an exact online replica of the Resonance offline process developed by data experts. Here, the students get access to study material at all times. They can stay home and still learn from experts through video conferenced lectures hosted with the support of AWS file-based video transcoding service named AWS Elemental MediaConvert.

“Using AWS Elemental MediaConvert, we have converted recorded lectures to an HLS format on every major platform wherein students will be able to play the videos multiple times and get a clear overview of their learning progress. We no longer have to worry about the processing or conversion time as it helps a video file uploaded and convert on the fly into multiple formats. This lets students attend classes as per the schedule of normal classes with greater satisfaction. We saw our engagement numbers improving hellishly.”

Through Amazon CloudFront, Resonance started teaching students for Class XI, XII, and so on, where students can attend interactive live lectures anytime. Eventually, this is helping the app create unique and winsome transferable learning across all grades. Furthermore, the Amazon CloudFront platform can resolve the data transferring problem significantly as it has an Edge server at multiple locations all over India that helps perform application dramatically faster. Ultimately, it created a unique, engaging, and novel e-learning experience for all its students around the globe.

As Resonance continues to take advantage of the platform, they will be looking for more consecrated programs to reach every student. They could obtain its desired results only with AWS- cloud service providers who can deliver a handful of support for an end to end stratagem management and accelerated learnings across channels.

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