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Resonance Eduventures Limited


ResoSir has developed a fully integrated application to deliver online learning material for Resonance Eduventures 40,000+ students. The robust AWS cloud infrastructure provided support to enable students and teachers to interact from anywhere, anytime. This helped ResoSir to create an uninterrupted learning experience by the digitalization of all their study features including e-content, video lectures, and tests. 

The Client

Founded in 2001, ResoSir is a leading education institute in Kota, India. It is one of the largest teams with 35.99% market share and an exceptionally experienced faculty team. They aim to create a holistic learning environment for IIT-JEE aspirants using intellectually stimulating and result-oriented education.

The Goal

ResoSir had a well-established offline process called Resonance. The challenge was to move all these study features to a digital platform without compromising on the quality and integrity of the education. 

They needed an AWS expert who could help them design, build, and deploy a cloud infrastructure that could handle at least 10,000 students at the same time. And it had to be scalable to accommodate the rising number of aspirants over time. The platform needed to run on a standardized video format for live and recorded lectures. With the outbreak of the global pandemic, the timeline was shifted forward to ensure a seamless learning experience.


  • Digitalization of all the study features to create an absolute online replica of the Resonance offline learning process.
  • Cloud infrastructure to handle 10,000 concurrent students to enable anywhere anytime learning.
  • Provided support for interactive video classes, daily practice tests, guided e-book content, and any time access to subject experts.
  • Successful deployment with more than 40,000 GB data transfer and standardized video formats.

Key Features

  • Designed cloud infrastructure by leveraging the best industry standards and practices using the AWS cloud console framework.
  • Smooth migration and from the offline processes to a modernized online platform. 
  • Enabled interactive discussion sessions for better learning.
  • Successful deployment of standardized HLS video formats for the live streaming of classes. 
  • Enabled administrative and operational management processes to run in the backend.
  • Leveraged dynamic auto-scaling of multiple resources to optimize costs while ensuring the ability to scale services in the event of an increase in student capacity.
  • Real-time access to cloud-based reading content and student forums to clear doubts anytime.
  • Ensured security features and content restrictions based on the platform (such as mobile, tablet, web browser) which the users are using to access the ResoSir services.
  • Ensured multi-factor authentication of students and faculty at the time of profile setup and the ensuing managerial activities to ensure the integrity of the data.
  • Performance analysis to understand user behavior and improve the learning process with guidance from qualified subject matter experts.

Technical Excellence

  • Seamless integration of AWS cloud architecture into the existing IT infrastructure.
  • Using robust strategies to move the current processes to the cloud environment.
  • Using AWS EC2, RDS, and ElastiCache to design an infrastructure that can support up to 10,000 concurrent students.
  • Handled and executed 40,000 GB data transfer to students in the form of e-books, recorded lectures, assignments, and other study material.
  • Converted lectures in multiple video formats to the standardized HLS for live streaming using the AWS Media Convert.
  • Implemented a scalable infrastructure that automatically adjusts the capacity based on the strength of students at the time of the test. This was achieved using the AWS Auto Scaling that helps maintain a steady performance while optimizing the cost.
  • Provided 24/7 technical support to minimize downtime and reduce the complexity of processes.
  • Ensuring availability and speed for reliable and efficient performance.

Use of AWS Services

  • Used AWS EC2 to provide a scalable cloud compute capacity.
  • Used Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) to set up and operate a relational database on the cloud. This automates several time-consuming administration tasks while ensuring cost efficiency.
  • Used ElastiCache to power real-time in-app storage or processing with low latency and sub-millisecond response times.
  • Used AWS Elemental Media Convert to convert multiple video files and lecture clips to HLS format for live streaming and archiving.
  • Used AWS Auto Scaling to automatically optimize multiple resources, performance, and costs based on the capacity.

"I am extremely impressed and satisfied with expertise and commitment Goognu to bring. They have been manage all our technical requirement in term of using the distributing architecture and utilising the maximum possible benefit of AWS tech stack. We have not faces even a single minute if downtime despite of the fact that concurrent users are too high for our application." - Ajay Kumar, CTO, Resonance Eduventures Limited.

Project Info :
Client :
Resosir - Landing on Aapke Ghar
Category :
AWS Cloud - 10,000 concurrent students
Date :
Jun 2020
Website :
Location :
Kota, Rajasthan

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