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College Dekho

About College Dekho

Founded in 2015, College Dekho bridges the gap between students seeking admissions and colleges providing different courses. With 36,000+ colleges in its database and about 2.1 million web visitors per month, it ranks among the top 1500 sites in India.

College Dekho is a disruptive technology-based educational advertising startup that offers both B2B and B2C solutions and provides comprehensive information about colleges and admissions to students.

The Challenges

As a result of growing traffic, College Dekho faced several challenges in availability and security. The website used another cloud that did not support the scalability of its infrastructure. This prompted them to switch to the AWS platform.

The challenge was the migration of the web application, services, and the database with zero downtime. College Dekho required a cloud infrastructure that could scale and support up to 5,000 concurrent students browsing colleges during the admission season. And, all this had to be done in a cost-optimized manner.


Goognu facilitated the smooth migration of College Dekho to the AWS cloud infrastructure without any downtime. Goognu’s expertise in this domain helped them to optimize the costs and ensure the data security remained intact throughout the process.

Let’s look at some of the key points of this project;

  • Implemented a user-friendly design to enhance the user browsing experience.
  • Used a web design with SEO compatibility to provide support for location-specific pages.
  • Goognu continues to provide full-service DevOps and Cloud Support services for a seamless browsing experience.
  • Ensured zero downtime for a smooth migration and simple process.
  • Used AWS Auto Scaling to facilitate up to 5,000 simultaneous students. This automatically adjusts the infrastructure based on the load at the time thus optimizing the costs.
  • Used Amazon Route 53 to ensure availability and manage the traffic flow through different types of routing. This is a reliable way to route the end-users to the College Dekho application in a cost-effective manner.
  • Used Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) to set up a resizable capacity, automate time-consuming tasks, optimize memory, and ensure cost-efficient performance.
  • Used Amazon EC2 to facilitate deployment and minimize downtime by up to 7 times. This web service helps developers in web-scaling cloud computing capacity with the least friction.
  • Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) provides easy-to-use block storage for high performance at any scale for intensive workloads.
  • AWS services like Route53, RDS, EC2, and EBS allow scaling of multiple resources based on the load.
  • Used S3 and CloudFront for content delivery. These help in high-speed data transfers to the end-users while ensuring low latency.
  • Integrated the existing infrastructure with the AWS cloud architecture.
  • Goognu rendered 24/7 technical support to ensure there was minimal downtime.
  • Implemented user authentication and profile setup facility to enable College Dekho to maintain data integrity and a record of users.
  • Enabled interactive chatbots for user interaction and building engagements. Virtual assistants ensure the site is addressing user queries all the time.

The Results

College Dekho was successfully migrated to the AWS platform while ensuring cost optimization. There was no downtime experienced. The product design allows it to make location-specific SEO friendly pages based on user searches in a given location.

College Dekho is now able to scale its services and multiple resources based on the load. It can handle 5,000 concurrent visitors. And, the dynamic website continues to serve highly engaged and increased web traffic.   

Goognu was able to help College Dekho by designing an infrastructure that hosts all its content and updates in one place at the least cost. With the help of AWS web services, we were able to achieve availability, scalability, and security.

The organization can deliver all its services to users in multiple locations using the AWS platform. By migrating to AWS, it is saving administrative costs and overcoming several challenges faced on other clouds. This helps College Dekho to maintain cost-optimized operations.

Project Info :
Client :
Success Story of College Dekho
Category :
AWS Cloud
Date :
Sep 2020
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Gurugram, Haryana

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