Cloud consulting and DevOps services provider, Goognu has partnered with Veranda, an education technology company and subsidiary of Edureka, to achieve significant cost optimization and enhance its DevOps capabilities.Through a comprehensive analysis of Veranda's infrastructure, service usage, and optimization strategies, Goognu successfully reduced Veranda's operating costs by 50% without affecting production stability or performance. Additionally, we provided ongoing DevOps managed support and facilitated new application setup, enabling Veranda to focus on its core educational mission.


Challenges faced:

Veranda, a fast-growing education technology company, looked to Goognu (a trusted partner) to optimize their following challenges for greater agility and efficiency:

  • Excessive operating costs: Veranda's infrastructure was burdened with unnecessary services and underutilized resources, leading to increased operating expenses.
  • Complex infrastructure: Veranda's complex web of services and applications hinders streamlined operations and efficient cost management.
  • Lack of DevOps implementation: The absence of a well-structured DevOps framework limits scalability and agility, impacting the speed of application setup and deployment.


Goognu’s Solution:

  • Infrastructure Analysis: Goognu conducted an in-depth analysis of Veranda's cloud infrastructure, identifying underutilized resources and redundant services.
  • Service optimization: They examined all services and removed unused or unnecessary services, optimizing the remaining subscription for cost-effectiveness.
  • Cost Optimization Strategies: We implemented various cost-saving strategies, including right-sizing instances, leveraging spot instances, and using auto scaling for flexible resource allocation.
  • DevOps Managed Support: Goognu provided ongoing DevOps support, including infrastructure management, configuration management, and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.
  • New Application Setup: We facilitated the setup of new applications on a customized cloud infrastructure, ensuring smooth integration and scalability.


The Results:

  • 50% cost reduction: Goognu successfully achieved a 50% reduction in Veranda's cloud operating costs, freeing up significant resources for investment in core educational initiatives.
  • Improved efficiency: Streamlined DevOps processes and optimized infrastructure increase agility and efficiency in application development and deployment.
  • Advanced Scalability: The optimized cloud environment provided Veranda with the flexibility to seamlessly scale their infrastructure as their business grew.
  • Lower Risk: Goognu's managed support ensures continuous monitoring and proactive problem resolution, reducing downtime and risks associated with cloud operations.



Goognu's successful partnership with Veranda demonstrates the power of cloud expertise and DevOps best practices in achieving cost optimization and increasing operational efficiency. By providing a comprehensive solution that addresses Veranda's specific needs, we empowered them to focus on their core mission of providing quality education while significantly reducing their cloud expenses.

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