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  • 13 Dec 2020
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Over the previous decade, the interest for quality IT candidates has developed immensely as innovation has arisen as a principal part of a business' prosperity. Because of the relentless and profoundly specialized nature of the field, IT staffing presents numerous remarkable difficulties across various organizations.

Regardless of whether putting a solitary agreement specialist, occupying a full-time/stable situation, or giving an organization a sizable group of unforeseen IT experts for a drawn-out task, an IT staffing organization meets the long or transient destinations of the undertaking and customer climate to convey the ideal arrangements. IT staffing administrations dispose of the weight numerous HR offices face in finding and confirming many candidates.

IT Staffing Services should provide administrations for a variety of core skill sets including:

  • Architecture
  • Business Analysis
  • Cyber Security
  • Database Expertise
  • Engineering
  • Executive, Program and Project Management
  • Front End or Web Development
  • Hardware and Help Desk
  • Quality Assurance
  • Software Development
  • System Administration
  • Technical and Content Writing

Technical Staffing Agency

A technical staffing agency is an organization whose primary purpose is to provide human resources to other industries. Collect detailed information about the position requirement from the companies and try to fulfill firms' demands of labor.

Technical staffing agencies are also known as recruiting or searching agencies, that hire temporary or permanent workers to accomplish the meet of companies. They recruit and fill a certain open position.

Staffing agencies create a job description, attract the candidate, post the vacancies on different sources, and make a final decision. There are many Technical staffing services agencies like Orbit staffing technical services Llc, Staffing Technical Services Inc, Staffing technical services Long Island, Staffing technical services Nyc, Moksh Staffing and Technical service Pvt. Ltd., Stsi Staffing Technical Service Inc Wheaton II, and Intertek industry services-technical staffing services.

Intertek industry services-technical staffing services.

To meet the technical staffing demands of complex projects, energy, engineering, and construction companies need to recruit experienced technical specialists. For highly specialized skillsets, recruitment activities will often be global. Companies may also have an obligation to employ local expertise where possible.

Project success relies on having the right skills in the right place at the right time. But recruitment is a skill in itself. Recruiters need an in-depth understanding of the labor market, access to a comprehensive database of contacts, the capacity to conduct a global search, as well as the presence to make the most of local expertise.

The challenge for employers goes beyond recruitment. Hiring international personnel brings added responsibilities like securing visas and work permits, negotiating local employment regulations, and ensuring national and international tax compliance. Quality ongoing employer support services are also essential for retaining specialist staff.

As a leading global supplier of technical staffing services, they recruit highly qualified and experienced technical personnel for the world’s largest energy, engineering, and construction companies. Their service doesn’t stop at recruitment. They offer you a complete Total Quality Assurance solution, providing essential support services for you and your employees. Their aim is to be your partner, taking care of all your technical staffing needs and allowing you to save time and money by reducing both recruitment time and expense and ultimately focus on your core business.

With a track record of recruiting specialist staff for some of the largest energy, engineering, and construction companies in the world, they have the reputation to attract high quality, highly qualified candidates.

As a global operator with strong local networks, they’re in a position to understand local challenges and they have the ability to apply global solutions. Their recruiters recognize the value of local expertise, but also have the resources to access international candidates, giving you the best of all worlds,

Technical Staffing Services offer a complete solution to your recruitment needs. They work to find you the best candidates, provide logistical support at every stage of recruitment and employment, and work to nurture positive long-term relationships between their customers and talent.

The Intertek Technical Staffing Services include: 

  • Contract Staffing and Placement
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Global Recruitment and Assignment Support

Technical Staffing Services-SGS

SGS Technical Staffing Services – delivering project management, recruitment, mobility and payroll solutions anywhere in the world.


Wherever your operations are based, you need to recruit the best manpower resources available. They eliminate risk through innovative, tailor-made talent solutions, ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery.

They offer a global reach, operating through a worldwide network with a presence in over 150 countries including 24 specialist recruitment hubs.  Every local office provides expert support and responds to the changing demands of local markets, whilst being part of a global network.

Unlike their competitors, each of their talent solutions offers a dedicated Account Manager or team, further supported by the diverse network of SGS technical expertise.


With over 100,000 personnel placed, more than 40 years of experience, and an expansive network across industries, they are a tried and tested whole cycle solution. Whether you are looking to fill a single vacancy or build an entire team, they provide the best blend of technical professionals and cost-effective solutions, tailored specifically to your needs.

They provide:

  • Project management
  • Permanent recruitment, executive search, headhunting, and retained search
  • Outsourcing, contract recruitment, and leasing
  • Local and international payroll
  • Global mobility


As a result of unique expertise, reach and resources, you can:

  • Access the very best technical personnel, using global databases and social media recruitment technologies, to bridge skills gaps and talent shortages
  • Benefit from local expertise and global reach, ensuring statutory and regulatory compliance at all levels
  • Meet nationalization and training quotas, and other mandatory requirements
  • Streamline project delivery, improving efficiency and reducing risk
  • Reduce recruitment expenditure by getting it right first time
  • Ensuring the safety and security of personnel thanks to global security and logistics team

They aim to be competitive and to consistently deliver an unbeaten service to our customers all over the world. They value their people and recognize that their success depends on it. They know you are looking for only the best people, and they can help you find them.

What kind of services do staffing companies provide?

  • Contingency Search
  • Agreement Recruiting
  • Freelance or potentially Contract Help
  • Managed Services
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  • Temporary Help
  • Temporary to Hire
  • Permanent Recruitment

What is recruitment and staffing services agency?

Recruitment can be defined as a systematic process used to seek and acquire the best potential candidates for a job, from whom the candidate who best matches the requirements is selected.
Staffing is a managerial function which involves obtaining and maintaining proficient and fit employees to fill available positions from top-level to bottom level of the corporate ladder.

What is Contract Staffing?

Contract staffing refers to the recruitment of employees for short-term employment contracts as opposed to full-time permanent workers.

What are the top tech staffing agencies?

  1. Toptal
  2. Robert Half
  3. Adecco

What is Technical Staffing?

A technical staffing agency gives a company the ability to hire quickly, fill short term positions, avoid bad hires, reduce overhead costs, hire the best candidate, and gaining access to hidden talent pools.

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