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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud services platform that was launched in 2006 and began exposing key infrastructure services to businesses as web services. Organizations can take advantage of Amazon's expertise and economies of scale when the organization needs them, delivering results fast and at minimal cost. AWS Consulting Services in Pune where an experienced AWS-certified professional will help you design, develop and implement your IT solutions on Amazon Web Services.

Goognu has over 10 years of experience in cloud and is a certified AWS Partner Consulting Services in Pune, where we provide cloud managed services to help our clients build cloud infrastructure with best practices, cost optimization, and compliance. We provide consulting services for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS), Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, AWS Direct Connect in Pune. At Goognu, we have expert AWS architects, developers, designers, and infrastructure engineers who work with you to provide elegant and effective cloud consulting solutions for specific business needs, such as migrating data to AWS, hosting websites and applications through AWS, server administration, management, deployment, support, and more.

Goognu also provides security, identity and compliance solutions like Amazon Cognito and Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Key Management Service (KMS), AWS Certificate Manager, AWS CloudHSM and for application integration we use Amazon Simple QueueService (SQS). Our experts will help you to leverage AWS services like AWS CloudFormation, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, AWS OpsWorks. Our strengths include cloud migration, DevOps, administration and security helping businesses determine what services they need and how to best use them to achieve their specific goals. From initial assessment through architecture design and migration, Goognu is working with AWS services to help customers take full advantage of cloud technology.

Goognu provides AWS services in Pune, where we have AWS Certified Architects and Engineers to provide solutions for IaaS, PaaS and SaaS on AWS and they work with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) that help build a reliable, secure, and cost-effective IT infrastructure for our customers. In addition, either using AWS support or through our consultants, we help our customers by supporting their AWS environments and creating customized solutions for our customers that meet their unique needs through which they can make the most of AWS resources and reduce implementation risk. So, if you're looking to essentially move to the cloud or optimize the cloud for business success, we're here to help.

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Our services are top notch for the following reasons.

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Goognu provides scalability to customers' software operations that helps them easily handle periods of high demand or large workloads without purchas…

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Goognu provides automation features as part of its services. This includes automatic software updates, deployment and configuration of cloud infrastr…

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Goognu provides monitoring services that identify and fix potential problems before they occur and address key performance issues such as system upti…

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Goognu provides 24/7 support and ensures that customers can get help when they need it. This includes assistance with installing and configuring serv…

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Goognu provides microservices and these services allow customers to build applications that are broken down into smaller services. These services inc…

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Security is Goognu's first priority and we use the latest security technologies and practices to protect customer's data and applications. Such servi…

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Cost Optimization

Goognu offers cost optimization services that help customers to identify ways to reduce their cloud costs, including selecting the right cloud infras…

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Goognu has been a partner of AWS for a very long time and has many years of experience in the IT industry, due to which we have a vast store of knowl…

Why Choose Goognu

Goognu is one of the leading AWS consulting Services providers in the market. Our services are superior because of the following reasons.

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Goognu provides AWS consulting services since a very long time and has more than 13 years of experience in the industry.

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Our AWS consulting services are affordable with good quality, so there is no problem of hitting the budget or compromising on the quality.

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Goognu provides 24×7 convenience and quick decision against issues as per business requirements.

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Take advantage of Goognu's AWS Consulting services that provide greater security and help organizations work more efficiently and keep organizations' data secure.

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Aws Certification

100 +

Trusted by 1000+ companies around the world

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What our clients say

These are some of the comments from our customers availing AWS consulting services from Goognu.

Goognu's AWS Consulting Services helped us migrate our entire infrastructure to the AWS cloud. Their team of experienced cloud engineers provided us …

Arun Yadav

IT Head

We have partnered with Goognu Data Services Pvt. Ltd. to help us move our data to the cloud. The team was very helpful in understanding our needs and…

Vishal saini

Technical Head

We recently engaged with Goognu to move our entire IT framework to the cloud. The team was professional and knowledgeable, and provided us with the e…

Bharat Chandra

IT Head

Working with Goognu has been a wonderful experience. They took the time to understand our business and the specific needs of our project. They gave u…

Rajender Nanda

IT Head

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We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our AWS consulting services. Please let us know if you need assistance, our team of experienced professionals is here to answer your questions and help you find the best solution. Thank you for choosing Goognu.


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